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Wayback Machine Time

A couple of days ago I bit the bullet and applied for a table at my first official craft show, The Crafty Underdog in Portland, OR.  Melody and I have been hoping to pool our efforts to do more craft shows, but weren’t really sure how to do that until now.  I submitted my entry fee, answered all their questions… and now I wait to be approved.  At least I think that’s how it works.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that I win a space at this show, heaven knows we’ve been working all summer to make sure I have enough inventory for one.

If it helps my chances, there’s a lot of other great stuff I have done that never got sold.  I either gave them away or kept them for myself.  For your consideration, and for The Crafty Underdog, here is a portfolio of my notable past works.  Enjoy.

This little fella was my first effort in a very long time. I have Christi Friesen to thank for the inspiration. I gave it to a friend as a gift for her bridal shower.

I once worked for a Sikh man who had a young son. The Sikh do not have a holiday equivalent to Christmas, but his son was obsessed with Santa Claus! I made Santa Singh so he could have a more relatable jolly fat man to admire. Other than a turban that probably could have been a lot bigger, he was very well-received. I might even make more someday.

Since the first one turned out so well I decided to try again. This time around I added limbs, scales, and accessories, and eventually mounted him on a wood base for display. He currently resides with a dear friend in Atlanta, GA.

My late cat Grady loved to watch the birds outside our windows. He wasn't much of a hunter, despite his fascination. In this sculpture, I imagine what it might look like if he actually did come face-to-face with those birds.

Grady and the Birds, from another angle. After his death in early 2011, I couldn't bear to part with this. It sits on my mantle next to my favorite picture of him.

These offbeat ornaments have been best sellers in my Etsy shop for the last two years. I made molds for the skulls and reinforced the candy canes with floral wire. The set pictured here were purchased by a woman in the UK for her first Christmas with her boyfriend. My first overseas sale!