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Yes, I have a band

Consider this one of those “other fine messes” referred to in my blog title.  Is it cliche for a crafter to also have a band?  I keep thinking I should specialize in one creative effort, but I’m enjoying myself too much.  I’ve been in and out of bands since college and see no reason to quit.  Any kid out there who thinks older independent musicians are pathetic or delusional are missing the point – you make music for this long because you love it. If fame comes along this late in the game, then great, but that’s not paramount. I’d be happy with success in another form.

Donnie & Ron

8/17/2011 - "Why are you holding your phone up like that?" Donnie & Ron between songs at rehearsal.

Baz on bass

8/17/2011 - Barry strikes a pose at our rehearsal space near Fall City

My band, The Troublefakers, has been active since 2005 in one form or another. These days they are the backbone of my solo project as well as my extended family. This year has been a challenge for booking shows, though. Between family obligations, my day job, and out-of-state emergencies, we  haven’t been able to pursue bookings as much for the summer. That is about to change.

Our second album is about to go to manufacturing. All the songs are mastered and ready, leaving only the artwork to complete. We hope that “Good to Drive” will be ready for sale at shows no later than September, so if you come to see us at O. O. Denny Park or The Skylark in the coming weeks you’ll be able to pick up a copy on disk or with a CDbaby download card.

For now we are getting ready to end our dry spell with a show at The High Dive in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood this Saturday, August 20, at 6pm. We’ll be playing with our friends The Baker Street Irregulars, whose lineup includes a guitarist we invited to join the Troublefakers a while back. I can’t wait to see what he’s working on now!

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