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Little Face


A while back I made a small Green Man mask I was pretty pleased with.  It took me over a year to feel okay about parting with it before I could post it on my Etsy site, and it sold within 24 hours. A friend of mine bought it for her mom out on the East coast, who gets a number of remarks on it. I think that’s pretty cool and have been wanting to create more works people comment on. The magic hasn’t quite happened yet.

A month after I sold my original Green Man I got an email from my friend. Her mom’s neighbor likes that mask so much I’ve been asked to make another one. Of COURSE I’m happy to make one! I just need to get on it already. My original estimate was a week. Add a major health issue and a new job, and now we’re at least three weeks overdue.

I’m not happy with myself but have been spending what time I do have at home on this project. In the pic I posted here you clearly see two masks — one is the one I’m making for my friend’s mom’s neighbor, and the other is one I’ve been working on as an experiment. As you can see, they are in completely different stages of completion. On one of them I was on my way to the oven with it when I realized the eyes were too creepy so I scooped them out. It was an uncomfortable but necessary task that made me feel like a serial killer. The other one I didn’t like his eyebrows, but he was baked already, so I had to pry them off with a tile nipper.

Does my art sound glamorous yet? Try not to think too hard about it. All good art goes through phases of clunky backtracking and do-overs. I sometimes think that’s why artists talk so much about their work — it’s not always the result that makes the art, it’s often the process. My process for these happened to involve eye-gouging and tile nippers. ToMAYto, toMAHto.

I will get the little guy on the right new eyes this week. As for his larger friend on the left I think he’s going to be just fine.