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Weeping Angel packaging

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About a year or two ago I made this. The image on that post is not of the finished product — since then I’ve cleaned it up, artificially aged it a bit, and added a means to hang it up on a wall somewhere. At one point I found it among my other finished pieces and worked on it more (even though it probably didn’t need it). Now that I’m waiting for my day job to start (oh lordy what a mess that is turning out to be. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be PMs) I have been working on packaging up the bigger pieces so they’ll be ready to go when they sell.  The Weeping Angel is a size I don’t really have a USPS box for so I had to improvise.

This box is by no means supposed to be a high-quality piece of stellar workmanship you can pass on to your kids. It’s a candy box I covered with blue card stock and a Photoshopped printout of a papercraft TARDIS I found on Cubeecraft. I used a glue stick and Scotch tape to hold it all together. NOT a collector’s item. So why bother? I bothered because it was fun and I didn’t want to send a piece of my art to someone in a goddamn candy box. It just seems wrong to not make some kind of effort.

But you know what? I had fun throwing this together, and the box will be missed when I ship it off.  I originally won it in a Hallowe’en costume contest for dressing up as a box of French fries. It used to be full of tasty chocolates. Now it is not. With its interesting interior fold and magnet closure I figured I’d keep it and do something with it eventually.  Turns out that even though I did something with it I won’t be keeping it after all.

The listing for the Weeping Angel mask can be found here.  The box won’t be in the listing but will ship with the item — in this particular case, the Phone Box has the Angel.