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About Wayward Clay

Wayward Clay is the creative outlet of Wynne C Blue, a designer and musician working from her home in the metropolitan Seattle area.

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Wynne moved to the Pacific Northwest as a teenager to escape life in a small Southern town.  After a brief goth-punk phase, she later went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from Washington State University with an emphasis in photography and graphic design.  Her move to Seattle in the 1990’s led to a career in software engineering where she prefers to work in fun technologies like games and mobile devices. When the 2008 recession hit and jobs became scarce, Wynne opened her Wayward Clay shop on Etsy to finance veterinary bills for her companion Grady.

Wynne is also a founding member of the Troublefakers, a band that now supports her solo efforts in writing and performing rock and powerpop.  Active in the Seattle powerpop scene since 2006, she prefers to record and mix in a home studio.  The only reason she is not famous is because she does not like having her picture taken.  Period.

While not quite ready to quit her day job yet, she hopes to someday.  Until then she uses her evenings and weekends for creative efforts in crafting and music, documenting as many steps as possible here at Wayward Clay on WordPress.


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