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Monthly Archives: August 2014

It’s a Kitty!

You would not believe the variety of art supplies I have. I started as a painter, then found polymer clay. After that I discovered paper, beading, resin, mold-making, flower arranging, mixed media, sewing, embroidery, wood burning, and everything else except knitting and crochet. Those last two… I can’t even, so don’t get me started.

I used to go to a craft store every Friday and spend at least fifty bucks. When my dining room filled up (because I don’t have a real studio) I stopped.  Once in a while I go back and find materials that inspire me and then shit like this happens: I make tiny wire cats. Now I have forty tiny wire cats just like this one in a Tupperware box and don’t know what to do with them.  Whoops.

Maybe I can pair them up with the thirty wire people I made before moving on to wire cats.


The Evolution of the Sticky

I haven’t created any new sticky note art in a few days. It’s my curse as a moody person to have stretches of time that are not productive creatively (as anyone who follows my music can attest). I have, however, taken pictures of everything I’ve done with the intention of sharing them with you. Let’s get started.

This first one is inspired by pure silliness found on Facebook.


Still a hoot after all these years.

I met Jym McMurdo my first year at Washington State. He was The Guy With The Room To Himself on my floor at Orton Hall. He’d also lived at Orton the previous year and had a leg up on everything one needed to know about life there. His room was full of interesting stuff and people smoking, drinking, and eating pizza. I vaguely remember him doing something rude to a teddy bear I had with me one time. Jym was, as my mother would say, a hoot.

This is Jym wearing a knitted animal balaclava of some sort. This is an illustration of the selfie he took while wearing it.  I thought it was hilarious, and now here it is. I framed it.

I managed to get my hands on more of those watercolor pens. I couldn’t help it – I like new products and trying out new things, and watercolor is a new thing for me in any form – there are so many things I want to try out with them! I’m not good with color in any way but I force myself to work with it. You can’t get better if you don’t practice, right? I wanted to practice, even if it meant falling on my face with advanced tools.

The result is a lovely girl in a dress, and proof that I cannot stay within the lines of anything. I’m a little disappointed in how messy it got and debated sharing this note at all because of it.  The illustration under all the messy color is still pretty nice. Should I try to cover it up? I don’t know. Maybe it’s okay as-is.


To correct or not to correct… THAT is my question.

This last one I’m pretty happy with.

The Face of Boe joined my household last year to keep my BFF Martha company since I was feeling a little overwhelmed by being the center of her universe. I had never owned a kitten before. Martha had had kittens before she joined me, so I figured the two of them would be okay, right? Well… kinda.

Boe is not very smart. Okay, that’s unfair – he’s just really juvenile. Still, whenever I see him zipping around in the morning and annoying Martha, I hear “LOOKIT ME IMA TIGER” in a little kid voice. He also kind of walks like he thinks he’s a tiger. Scared of everything, I’ve trained him to relax when I tell him he’s a good boy.



This was done with different markers entirely. I found a set of Faber-Castell pens at Snapdoodle Toys in Kenmore that seemed like they’d be fun. It intrigued me that there were two white markers in the set – how the heck does that work? It’s a subtle white, that’s for sure. Where the Faber-Castell white didn’t do what I wanted I used an extra-fine Sharpie paint marker. The whole composition captures Boe perfectly. He IS a tiger!

I’m sure there will be more. I’m just not there yet.

They Just Keep Coming

The sticky note art project continues. As I contemplate my position in life and reexamine my priorities, I find myself with a need to MAKE MORE STUFF. Unfortunately I have a day job and can’t spend an entire day in my studio painting, sculpting, and generally coming up with art out of thin air. I have to make do.


Want a bikini body? Put a bikini on your body!

I started with pencil and added ink. I don’t like using text in my compositions, but I’m not trying to be original here. My only requirement is that creativity flow from my brain to my fingertips through the tools I have at the time. I am inspired by whatever seems to be on my mind at the time. When I can’t come up with a composition I will force the issue by eavesdropping. Or finding something ridiculous on Facebook.

Bikini Body is my own. I’m not a slender woman at all, and that has created some problems in my life. This piece is me trying to convince myself that what I’ve got is worthy and beautiful. While I enjoy the result and the sentiment it did nothing for my self-esteem. Is it a self-portrait? I don’t know. The girl on the sticky note sure is cute whether she is me or not.

I recently did an acoustic show at The Mix in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood and took my sticky note pad and pens with me. I had recently discovered a set of watercolor pens I thought might be fun to work with and brought the black one out of the set. Shows are rarely one act, and I think it’s rude to avoid other artists’ sets, so I will often bring something to do with my hands. I figured something would inspire me and it did.

Irene Peña moved to Seattle from L.A. and has been making the rounds with an acoustic set of songs. Like most non-Seattle people, she’s warm, friendly and very likeable. She’s also a little nerdy – something I figured out just by looking at her guitar.


The sound hole guard had a ThinkGeek sticker on it. Heh.

The guitar image was the first one I tried to use the watercolor pen on. In this case, I drew the bubbles on dry and added water later. To create the shading on the guitar I took the still-wet brush and used the residual color to create the shadow. Over on the right where it looks like something went wrong? Well, something went wrong. That is what happens when you draw on wet paper with a watercolor pen. Whoops.

Lesson learned, I moved on to the next idea a couple of days later.


Don’t tell me you’ve never done this.

Oh the curse of being moody — it’s great for art, not so great for everyone and everything else. God forbid something truly terrible actually happen when a major mood swing is going on. I rode out my last major mood swing with this little composition, complete with Rage Comic rageface. For the wash I ended up using the marker on another sticky note and using a water-dipped brush to get the desired tint. I find this wasteful and am experimenting with alternatives. Until I find one, I think this worked out okay.

There are more sticky notes, but I am out of steam for today. Check back later and I’ll have more stories for you.