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Disaster Not Averted


This is embossing powder. I do not emboss much, but keep this stuff around in varying colors to knead into polymer for a variety of effects. Not long ago I had this particular bottle out and sitting on my dining table as I stood and multitasked around my chair.

I was so focused on what I was doing with my hands that I forgot two huge rules of crafting. One, do not wear bulky clothing, and two, always keep the lid on bottles of tiny things. Powder counts as a tiny thing. LOTS of tiny things, actually.


Yes, I raised my head and bellowed upward: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

At least my reaction kept the cats out of the mess long enough to clean it up.


About waywardclay

I am a musician and designer living in the Pacific Northwest. I have a day job, but you won't hear about that here. I make things out of thoughts, situations, polymer clay, and other media. Sometimes they're actually pretty good. Visit my Etsy store or download my available songs from iTunes.

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