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Wayward Clay on Etsy (link)

Wayward Clay on Etsy (link)

I don’t think New Year’s Resolutions should be limited to the change of my wall calendar.  When you need to pick up, reevaluate, and resolve yourself to change, waiting for the traditional time to declare your intentions is like not changing at all.  My Whenever Resolution is this:  Recommit myself to my craft business, starting with my Etsy store.

This means renewing listings for everything I have posted but never sold, and clearing it out to make room for the new items I plan to sell for the holidays.  I’m not a great jewelry designer by any means, and I don’t think I’ll make any more pendants for a while.  So, if you like the necklaces you’ve seen in my store but didn’t want to pay full price for one (even with free shipping), I’m having a sale through October 4, 2013.  Use coupon code WAYCLAY13 at checkout to get 20% any item originally priced at $12 and up.

After that, I will retire everything and start over.  I hate to see a bunch of great stuff go to waste, though, so go check it out.  Buy a necklace or a magnet set.  Share the link with your friends.  At 20% off, many items become a steal.


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