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I’m in!  Wow, I never thought that would happen.  A budding entrepreneur has to get her work out there somehow. I probably shouldn’t make such a big deal out of this since there are so many talented artisans out there who do this all the time that I don’t need to be comparing myself to anyway.

So, I have a table, I have a schedule, and I have Melody to sell stuff with… now all I need is boatloads of inventory…


A couple of pieces from my recent wave of design experiments. On the left is a ring focal bead with a stamped and patina'd tribal design. On the right, an attempt to frame one of my tile pendants that I'm still on the fence about. I stamped a design into clay that was a thin layer of black over white, then sanded off most of the black. It's a little uneven but actually kind of cool.



About waywardclay

I am a musician and designer living in the Pacific Northwest. I have a day job, but you won't hear about that here. I make things out of thoughts, situations, polymer clay, and other media. Sometimes they're actually pretty good. Visit my Etsy store or download my available songs from iTunes.

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