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There Goes My Desktop

Just a heads-up to the three of you that read this corner of the blogiverse that my desktop computer at home has acquired a virus that turns off my firewall shortly after I open a web browser.  This sucks pretty hard, but it’s just the wake-up call I need to get serious about buying a new home computer.  I’d do this from work, but my new Real Job will keep me pretty busy during the day and has already blocked all the fun web stuff in order to keep us honest.  In this age of crazy Facebook updates and cloud computing, I can’t really argue with that.

So if you see a post from me with pictures in it that is formatted all crazy it is safe to assume I did it from my cute little Droid R2 cel phone and you can check back in a day or two once I’ve logged in from the library and made it all pretty again.  I used to be able to upload a draft, but I guess I forgot how.  Lord, please send me a teenager to teach me how to do this high-tech crap.  I will be very grateful and give him/her pizza rolls and Coca-Cola.  Amen.


About waywardclay

I am a musician and designer living in the Pacific Northwest. I have a day job, but you won't hear about that here. I make things out of thoughts, situations, polymer clay, and other media. Sometimes they're actually pretty good. Visit my Etsy store or download my available songs from iTunes.

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