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Chorus, Not Brigade

They’re finally done, photographed, and listed on Etsy:  The Christmas Clothespin Chorus.

Some people like to ask why I don't paint faces on my dolls. Do they really need faces if their outfits are this cute?

The Halloween dolls were a brigade, but these ladies didn’t seem like they were out to fight anything so I changed their name.  Do I continue to call my Christmas dolls a chorus or make up a new name for each set?  These dinky little details are important!

Overall I’m pretty pleased with how they turned out, and know they’ll sell this year.  I’m also already halfway through a second set.  The second set won’t be much different from the first — after seeing the end result I decided to make a few changes that balance out the colors and patterns a little better.  Sets number three and four will be on plain wood clothespins, and I am considering dropping the handwarmers from their design.  When I decide what will go in their place I’ll definitely share.

One thing I learned during the Christmas doll process is that putting a belted skirt on a cylinder of wood is a lot easier in my head than it is in practice.  Remember how I said to plan the crap out of your design?  Well, I missed a crucial detail in my design that led the belt on my skirt to turn out a little different than I planned.  It wasn’t a fatal flaw by any means, but when you have a picture in your head of how you want something to turn out it can be a disappointment to have to make a change to accommodate it.

There’s a lot of this fabric left over from this project.  I’d love to keep using it until it’s all gone but will need to design a different costume to keep the whole concept from becoming stale.  Luckily there are still over a hundred pages left in my sketchbook for me to work it out on.


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I am a musician and designer living in the Pacific Northwest. I have a day job, but you won't hear about that here. I make things out of thoughts, situations, polymer clay, and other media. Sometimes they're actually pretty good. Visit my Etsy store or download my available songs from iTunes.

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  1. I really like the hand-warmers, but I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with as an alternative.


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